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Cluster flies – how to prevent an infestation

Cluster flies try to enter a property for a variety of reasons. There are many theories as to what these include, but scientists believe that the main reasons are pheromone left behind by previous cluster flies, scents that exist in the property, or in fact a sort of inherited memory. Cluster flies are known to visit the same buildings year upon year, which can be quite a nuisance for those who live there, especially if the infestation grows each year. It is important to stop these behaviours and avoid an infestation as best you can, however this can be fairly difficult due to the size of a cluster fly.

If the cluster flies have already begun hibernating in the crevices of a room, perhaps in the gaps between a roof and tiles or where the walls of a room meet the floor. You will need to do this either in Autumn when they first enter the property or in Spring before they leave again.

It is of course possible to minimise an infestation of cluster flies, this can be aided by closing trickle vents on windows and doors, however the most effective course of action is the following:

Close as many entry points as possible to allow few or no cluster flies into the house

Apply a spray or other insecticide onto the flies – especially during the seasons when they are most active

Clean up the dead flies

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