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Cluster Flies in the spring

Cluster Flies are one of the most common pests in the UK and whilst they are not harmful to human health they are an absolute annoyance. They are found in the countryside in fields and meadows and are more active on sunny days. What’s different about cluster flies is, they lay their eggs into the ground and they instantly pursue earth worms where they grow during their larval stage. Once they of the right size they will hatch out as adult flies, however, this is usually during the autumn month where it is too cold for them to thrive outside. Usually they would look for trees where they can hibernate in the bark over the winter months, however, since humans have encroached upon their natural habitat, they are now looking for warm houses to spend their winter.

Once the winter is over and the temperature increases and the sun shines, they wake up. They buzz around loft spaces and cluster around windows and walls on the south face of house (as these are the warmest places in the property). They will make their way outside to continue their life-cycle at the end of spring/start of summer. However, during the spring season they tend to buzz around the outside of properties on warm days and if they temperature decreases, they make their way back into the property. This makes judging whether they have left for the summer quite difficult.

Treating cluster flies is not a difficult job and can be done yourself and professional pest controllers are never needed. Pest Expert offer a fantastic range of cluster fly killing products that are widely regarded as the best on the market.