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Cluster Flies waking up and invading homes

Homeowners across the country should be on the lookout for little black flies on their windowsill and other places in the house as this could be a sign of a much larger invasion about to break out any day. Millions of tiny little cluster flies are waking up across the country in loft and attic spaces and are heading into the house and to the windows.

Pest control expert, Matt Greenhalgh, says residents should be on the lookout for the invasions between now and the end of May. Cluster flies are more common in rural areas as they breed in open fields and lay their eggs in the soil during the summer. As the temperature drops towards the end of summer/autumn they seek harbourage from the cold weather by entering roof spaces and hibernating. As winter comes to an end the flies come out of hibernation and can infest house.

“Over the coming weeks we will see the arrival off the cluster flies in your homes and offices,” warns the boss of MCL Pest Control in the Forest of Dean. “Cluster flies will be coming from your loft space and will be visible on your windows.”

Some house are unlucky to have a cluster fly that reoccurs every year – the debate is still out as to why they return to the same house but it is largely thought that it’s pheromones that entice them back.

Treatment is relatively easy, the standard treatment template is fumigation followed by residual insecticides. Pest Expert has its own range of highly effective foggers, smoke bombs, sprays and powders.