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Cluster Fly Facts!

  1. Cluster flies are large black coloured flies with the scientific name ‘Pollenia rudis’, they show up in homes from late fall through early spring.
  2. A Cluster fly is very much similar to a house fly.
  3. Cluster flies come from the ‘Calliphoridae’ family. This is the same family to which bottle or blow flies belong.
  4. Cluster flies are also known as attic flies. This name describes its characteristics very well i.e. the tendency of clustering in large numbers inside attics.
  5. Unlike blow flies, cluster flies do not reproduce indoors and so home owners do not have to worry about the flies originating from a dead animal carcass or any other unpleasant material within the attic or walls.
  6. Cluster flies emerge in the summer or autumn. Often in large numbers, they enter houses in order to find some warm places where they can hibernate.
  7. These flies do not bite humans and are strictly parasitic on earth worms.