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Cluster fly infestations

Whilst it is not currently cluster fly season, it is worth noting the signs of an invasion as they can take over lofts and homes all over the country in vast swarms. This can often lead to residents and business owners cleaning several times a day and spraying fly killer spray to desperately reduce the numbers. David Curry, an advisor at the pest control company The Exterminator explained how busy it was last season: “I’ve been to Geraldine and I’m don in Waimate doing some now.” “Because they come en masse, it’s hard to control them all. They’re just everywhere, it’s just unbelievable when they’re getting in.” During the winter months, they enter buildings looking for somewhere to hibernate until Spring which can sometimes mean that people have to deal with them in business premises or in homes for up to 6 months. “It’ll be until we get the real cold snap,” he explained. “if we get real bad weather, that could be it because they’ll be killed off or they hibernate. “Every year’s not the same. Three or four years ago was when they were really active last time. “They’re there and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s just a matter of hoovering them up and burning them.”