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Flies and cockroaches will be thriving due to global insect decline.

This message has come from a leading biologist, following a new review of insect numbers. This review suggests that there will be dramatic rates of decline for 40% of insect species around the world.

Published in the Journal Biological Conservation, a study reviewed 73 existing studies from around the world. It resulted that studies published in the last 13 years fond bees, ants and beetles are vanishing eight times faster than birds, mammals or reptiles.

It would be a devastating loss if the world were to lose insects, as they provide food for birds, bats and small mammals. They also replenish soils and pollinate 75% of crops worldwide.

Insects keep pest numbers down, so losing them would mean a huge number of pests appearing, especially flies and cockroaches.

It has been said by Professor Dave Goulson that many species of animals that rely on insects as a primary food source could be wiped out, which will increase the rise in pests such as flies.