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Foggers and Fumers: What's the difference?

Foggers and Fumers: What's the difference?

Foggers and Fumers fulfil the same function, they are both fumigators which will fill up the volume of an enclosed space with an insecticidal smoke/aerosol; Best used to ‘clean the slate’ and remove the adult population. Once ventilated neither leave any form of residue, they cause no staining and will not tarnish any goods in the treatment area both during and following use. There are two key differences, the delivery mechanism and the insecticide.

Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Fumers

Pest Experts Formula ‘P’ Fumers are the tried and tested traditional smoke bomb delivery method. The bombs are activated through lighting a touch paper which burns down to a compacted permethrin block turning the synthetic insecticide into a light smoke which natural works its way around an enclosed space. Permethrin is the man made tweak of pyrethrum, the added synergists boost the insecticides potency and ability to penetrate into thicker membraned insects

Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Fogger

Pest Experts Formula ‘P’ Foggers are a ULV aerosol based device, activated through pressing a total release trigger. As there is no requirement for a naked flame to activate the Foggers customers have the added benefit of zero fire hazard, making them ideal for lofts with open insulation. Upon activation the fogger will release an aerosol saturated with pyrethrum. The active insecticide pyrethrum is the 100% natural root of the pyrethroid family of insecticides, derived from the African Chrysanthemum flower.

In summary, both fumigators are equally effective, the choice depends entirely on preference and the situation in which you intend to employ them.