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HACK! How to stop flies irritating you this summer.

HACK! How to stop flies irritating you this summer.

If you have tried everything to stop flies pestering you, this might just do the trick.

The high temperatures mean that pesky little insects have made an appearance this summer. Although we are enjoying the hot weather, the bugs ruin it by flying into our drinks and buzzing around our BBQ’s.

I’m sure you have used fly swatters to sticky papers to fly sprays, nothing really seems to work long term. This new hack could stop the little critters invading your home and garden for good.

The trick that people swear by is to put pennies in a zip lock bag and fill it half way with water and hang it up on your doors / windows. It sounds crazy, but many people swear it works!

The theory is that when a fly heads towards the bag, it sees a large reflection of itself, scaring it away. The other theory is that the bag is believed to resemble a spider’s web. As flies are spiders’ prey, this deters the fly as it thinks it is going to be caught.

Entomologists support this theory, with them saying that flies have compound eyes – this means they have around 8000 lenses in each eye.

So, why don’t you give this a try if you are struggling to get rid of flies in your home?