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Stop before you get out the Formula P, is it a house fly, a wasp or maybe it’s a Hoverfly. Hoverflies, they may not seem very interesting, with their short lives and the way the look likes wasps and bees, but they are essential in protecting our crops and ecosystems.

Despite the fact they may look like a bee or a wasp, they do not have the ability to sting though they can use their legs to make it look like the have antenna or a stinger which can easily ward off predators, as no one wants to eat something that not only tastes bad but will sting you if provoked.

There is over 6000 species of Hoverfly and in the UK alone there is 250 and can been seen anywhere between March and November. You won’t however find them in extreme locations like the Sahara Desert or Antarctica.

They may only leave a few days or in some cases a few weeks, they work hard to help the ecosystem. As avid pollinators they are a god send to Farmers and are only second to wild bees when it comes to the most important pollinators. Some of their larvae have an appetite for aphids that cause millions of pounds in damages to crops each year, not to mention your garden.