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How to protect your home from becoming fly-infested

Whether is house flies or blue bottles in the summer or cluster flies in the autumn, flies are a problem homeowner’s battle all year round. There are many factors that contribute to the amount and frequency of flies in the property.

Environmental matters and lifestyle habits also factor in here as we leave windows and doors open to cool down, as well as eating and drinking outside in the sun. Outdoor barbecues, picnic areas and kitchens can be hotspots as flies are attracted to foodstuffs. When flies feed they are unable to distinguish between raw and cooked food, as well as food that has decayed or been digested in the form of excrement. Flies frequently regurgitate their food which can cause foodstuffs to be contaminated and lead to spread of diseases. The most common types of bacteria spread by flies are salmonella, campylobacter and e.coli.

Here are a few tips to avoid fly infestations in your home

Keep windows and doors closed when possible

Keep drains clear and clean up after pets

Keep food covered and never leave raw food out

Keep bins tidy and regularly remove waste

Other measures can be put in place to keep flies of the property, fly and insect screens can be fitted over windows and doors to stop the influx of flies in the home. Electric fly zappers can be installed to attract and kill flies that have entered the property and insecticidal spray and fumigation devices can also be implemented.