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Infested cat food causes fly infestation in home

The woman explains how she opened a box filled with cat food to find that it was infested with flies which then progressed and infested her house. She states she has bought multiple cans of fly killer spray to try and combat the issue. The infestation spread to the inside of and around the wheelie bin too as she disposed of the affected food products.

She describes how it happened: “When I brough the bags into the kitchen, I noticed there were a lot of flies on my shopping. I unpacked the shopping and realised that there was a small hole in the box of cat food. I opened the box to see thousands of flies and maggots.

“More flies swarmed out which was terrifying. I immediately disposed of the box outside in my wheelie bin.

“During the rest of the day flies continued to spread throughout my whole house. They were in every room bringing distress to myself and two daughters. They even managed to crawl inside other food packets that were in my living room.

“I have bought six cans of fly spray which has helped to some extent but the whole thing has been an absolute nightmare. My children are currently staying with friends whilst I try to get rid of the flies.”