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North Lanarkshire school infested with flies

An infestation of fruit flies has been noticed at a school in Cumbernauld with an image showing hundreds of fruit flies on a chair and table at the school.

Environmental Health officers were on hand to assist and provide specialist information to the school.

One of the pupil’s states that she couldn’t use the toilets as a result of the issue and has been kept off school.

The pupil’s mother said “I kept her off today because of the fly infestation… She sent me the picture of the chair in the dining hall.

“When she went back yesterday, she said she was really needing the toilet but couldn’t use it. It’s not as if she could nip home, she had to wait to use the toilet when she left.

The pupil added: “There were flies everywhere you went – library, classrooms, toilets, dining hall.

“The teachers were disgusted by it. My friends were horrified by it as well.

“There were far too many to go in the toilets.”

It has been suggested that fruit may have been disposed of in the sanitary bins in the toilets and this could be a contributing factor. It was confirmed that the bins will now be changed every 4 weeks instead of every 5. It has been stressed that the flies are not harmful as they tried to eradicate the problem.

A spokesperson for the council has since stated: “As well as a deep clean taking place by specialist cleaners, sanitary disposal units have been replaced this morning by the contractor and we have made arrangements to increase the frequency of the exchange of fresh sanitary bins. Additional waste bins have been put in place in the dining area in the school.”

A hospital has cancelled all operations after being invaded by flies

A hospital in Halesowen cancelled all operations on 30th August due to a fly infestation. Which meant that two operating theatres were left unused for a day because of the insects.

It has been stated that the West Midlands Hospital operated as usual after this period and the infestation has been cleared.