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Plague of flies in Llanelli

150 residents in Llanelli had been suffering with flies plaguing their home for 16 days before the Council traced down where they were coming from. The pests were tracked down to a metal processing plant in the local area and has been described as an ideal breeding ground.

The flies have also caused sickness and diarrhoea among some residents. The council have been acting upon this, supplying advice and fly deterrents while the problem got resolved. The teams even hired cleaners to ensure residents stayed healthy and hygienic.

It has come to light that due to mixed waste from England had ended up at the site which caused the problem. The issue cost £20,000 to resolve. Sean Rees, the town councillor in Llanelli has said “We’re calling for the reinstatement of the pest control division after it was regrettably scrapped back in 2011. We’re calling for the return of our street litter bins which have been taken away over the years. We’re calling for a greater focus to ensure enhanced control measures are put in place, so this never ever happens again.”