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The 2 main methods of eradicating cluster flies!


The first method is the most common, this includes the use of a Formula P Smoke Bomb or a Formula P Fogger in order to fumigate an area. This is often preferred for spaces such as lofts or barn conversions where there isn’t always easy access and therefore it is much easier to place a fumigation device in the area and leave the chemical to spread through the airspace, killing all the flies quickly.

Although this is often the fastest way to knockdown a large number of flies, it can be the most expensive because once the chemical has left the area, there is nothing left behind to manage the rest that enter and so a repeat fumigation will often be required within a few weeks, perhaps even each week during peak times.

Using residual sprays and powders

This second method is perhaps less common because it can be tricky to execute in certain areas. However, using powders and residual sprays often provide long term protection against cluster flies and so they manage the smaller numbers rather than allowing them to build up. The Pest Expert Formula P Powder and the Pest Expert Formula C Spray both last for up to 12 weeks and so they can often manage the flies that enter within the whole season.

The best way to ensure a complete management of cluster flies during the whole season is to fumigate first, following this up with the use of sprays/powders or a combination of the two in order to kill the flies which enter afterwards. A selection of these effective products is available in our treatment kits which contain either smoke bombs or foggers for the fumigation.