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The best and most effective products to eradicate cluster fly infestations

It’s widely known that cluster flies are a real problem for the homeowner in both the spring and the autumn months of the year. The lifecycle develops in the soil externally during the summer months and by the time the adult flies hatch, the external temperature is too low for them to live so they seek refuge from the cold. In the wild, this would be on the bark of trees but as humans have encroached upon their natural habitat, they are now infesting people’s homes.

The standard treatment template for cluster flies is fumigation followed by residual insecticides. The different types of fumigation devices are smoke bombs and foggers, they both do the same job, however, the fogger releases an aerosol and the smoke bomb a smoke. They both fill the volume of the airspace with an insecticide which kills all the flies present at any given time but does not leave a residue. Due to the nature of cluster flies, they will continue to enter a building for a number of weeks in the autumn. It is important to have residual insecticides in place such as Pest Expert Formula C+, this is a residual insecticide which leaves a residue lasting 12 weeks. Any cluster flies that come into contact with the residue will die.

There are other products that may want to be considered such as Pest Expert Fly Killer Cassettes that will continually release a chemical that will kill cluster flies. Pest Expert Cluster Fly Powder is another residual insecticide which is highly effective against cluster flies.