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Two of the insects that are drawn into your kitchen and how to avoid an influx

Certain towns are considered worse than others when it comes to ant and fly infestations, especially during the spring and summer months.


It is well-known that many homes were invaded by flies last year, and due to the fact that temperatures reached record high levels, it is very likely that most will suffer the same fate this year.

For minimising fly infestations, it is important to ensure that all food and drink are correctly stored, and bins are not overflowing, with the lids always shut.

Unfortunately, however, due to the nature of cluster flies, it is very likely that they spend most of the year inside our homes. This is because during the colder months, they hibernate.

Many companies will advise to place fly mesh or silicone between tiles and any insulation/ceilings to create a barrier against the flies, however as they can fit through extremely tiny gaps, it cannot be solely relied upon.


The best way to ensure that ants don’t enter the house, is to cover all food and store it correctly. By keeping food (particularly foods like sugar and honey) out of the way and covered, this minimises the risk of ants entering the area as foods like these draw them inside.

It has also been discovered that they dislike the scent of vinegar and lemon, this also works well to destroy the scent trails left by the ants to find their way back to the colony.