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Village infested by flies

In the small village of Thorpe Marriott, residents have been plagued with swarms of flies for ten years. Broadland District Council have been brought in to find a resolution to the infestation but have yet to find a resolution. Homeowners have been forced to purchase fly traps and screens, as well as keeping their windows and doors shut all year round. Angie, who live in the village has said that it is a horrendous place to live now due to the infestation.

The Council have been taking small steps in getting this resolved by visiting the farm where the flies are coming from, but a solution is yet to be found. A spokesperson for the council has said “Treatment has been ongoing but the farmer has been told to change the method of delivery of larvicide in an attempt to increase the success rate of the product. The rate at which the flies will be removed is dependent on the effectiveness of the treatment which we are monitoring closely. However, we expect to see results within four weeks.”