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Why suppress cluster fly populations before hibernation?

Why suppress cluster fly populations before hibernation?

There are three key time periods pivotal to understanding and dealing with the nuisance of cluster flies;

Autumn: As temperatures begin to drop cluster flies will being migrating indoors in preparation for hibernation

Winter: During this period cluster flies will be clustering in groups of hundreds to thousands hibernating over the winter months

Spring: with the advent of warmer weather conditions cluster flies will begin to emerge from their hibernating clusters and will make their way to pasture and grassland to continue the lifecycle.

One would think that the advent of winter brings also the advent of respite from the nuisance of cluster flies alive and dead throughout the home. However with developments in central heating, changes in the local temperatures around a hibernating colony of cluster flies can often trigger many to emerge from hibernation early during the winter months. As such, in many cases there is no respite from the nuisance of clustering flies.

With this being the case the only respite will be to suppress if not eradicate the cluster fly population before their winter hibernation. With the emergence of winter the constant flow of cluster flies indoors will stop and so by eradicating the colony before hibernation you will remove the risk of a nuisance during the winter due to fluctuations in temperature caused by your central heating and remove a further nuisance beginning with the advent of spring when cluster flies naturally emerge from hibernation.