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Why suppress cluster fly populations before hibernation?
There are three key time periods pivotal to understanding and dealing with the nuisance of cluster flies;
When, where and why do cluster fly infestations occur?
Cluster Flies are in abundance throughout the UK and in many parts of mainland Europe, causing major nuisance for the homeowner. They are harmless to people and pets but cause a nuisance by filling up loft spaces, bedrooms, conservatories and other places...
Treating Cluster Flies in Caravans
Cluster Flies are a common insect pest found in abundance throughout the UK. They are harmless to people and pets, however, cause an annoying buzzing sound and in large quantities can emit a sickly smell. For these reasons it is advisable to treat quickly...
Foggers and Fumers: What's the difference?
Foggers and Fumers fulfil the same function, they are both fumigators which will fill up the volume of an enclosed space with an insecticidal smoke/aerosol; Best used to ‘clean the slate’ and remove the adult population. Once ventilated neither leave...
Cluster Flies One of Frances Number 1 Pests
For many people living in rural France, cluster flies are becoming an increasing problem. This is due to the nature of the flies and there life cycle. Adult cluster flies lay their eggs near earthworm burrows, and the larvae then infest the worms....