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Cluster flies: What you need to know
About cluster flies:
New fly species named after Arnold Schwarzenegger
A Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County entomologist has decided to call a new species of fly after Arnold Schwarzenegger. Once he saw the bulging little legs of the insect that he discovered in the Brazilian Amazon, the name came to him instantly....
The fly that lives underwater.
The Central Californian Mono Lake is approximately 760,000 years ago. Located near Yosemite National park, it is about 18,000 hectares. Over the years, the lake has accumulated a high number of salts, due to the water not having any outlets.
Do flies spread germs?
Studies show that flies really do spread germs and they carry more diseases than originally thought.
Beat the flies in your home this Summer
According to experts, flies entering your home this summer are on the rise. Why not protect yourself before you get infested?