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Why we are seeing an increased number of Horseflies in Summer 2018
Due to the incredibly warm weather, horsefly bites are set to increase. Horseflies are most active in the summer months – particularly June and July. Although they are known for biting horses, they can also target humans.
One simple trick will keep flies away from your home this summer
While most of us have been enjoying the hot weather the UK has seen in the last few months, the heat also brings some unwanted and annoying visitors in the form of flies.
HACK! How to stop flies irritating you this summer.
If you have tried everything to stop flies pestering you, this might just do the trick.
Whether is house flies or blue bottles in the summer or cluster flies in the autumn, flies are a problem homeowner’s battle all year round. There are many factors that contribute to the amount and frequency of flies in the property.
It is universally known that when a beer is opened outside it attracts flies.  Scientists have now figured out how and why fruit flies magically appear whenever a can of beer of bottle of wine is opened.  The research team based at the California...