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Bluebottle Fly
Many indigenous tribes with Australia, Africa and Papua New Guinea paint their entire bodies for culturally-significant reasons. In these places there are notorious problems with bloodsucking insects like mosquitos, like horseflies, ticks, and tsetse...
A British woman has returned from a holiday to Uganda with a live baby fly larvae in her head. She was totally unaware of this and it was only 9 days later that she found a swollen lump on her forehead. She had noticed nothing for the first 9 nine days...
Scientist have found that climate change could lead to ill being spread more frequently. Warmer and longer springs and summers could lead to house flies becoming friskier, which can lead to them spreading diarrhoea-causing bacteria to more places. As...
This message has come from a leading biologist, following a new review of insect numbers. This review suggests that there will be dramatic rates of decline for 40% of insect species around the world.