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Cluster Fly Treatment Kit (with Smoke Bombs)

Our Price: £24.15 excl. VAT
Our Price: £28.98 incl. VAT

Our Cluster Fly Treatment Kits are ideal for the control of cluster flies in lofts or living areas. They contain a combination of highly effective cluster fly treatment products which enable you to get rid of cluster flies and protect against future infestations. 

This Kit includes Pest Expert Formula 'P' smoke bombs which are ideal for flushing out cluster flies from a room or roof space. Each Fumer contains the active ingredient permethrin (13.25% w/w) which, once lit, is released as an insecticidal smoke that will treat an area of approx 120 cubic metres.

Also supplied are Formula 'C+' Cluster Fly Killer Spray and Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder, which can both be used to treat alighting surfaces and window frames. These products will kill cluster flies on contact, but they also leave a long-lasting residual that continues to maintain cluster fly control for a period of 3-4 weeks after application.

A step-by-step advice sheet is also included in the kit to help you carry out a successful cluster fly treatment.

This Kit contains sufficient product for several treatments to a standard roof space:

4 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumer Smoke Bombs

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'C+' 1L Cluster Fly Killer Spray

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs are a highly effective cluster fly killing fumigation device. Perfect for flushing out cluster fly infestations in lofts and roofspaces. For a more comprehensive cluster fly treatment, use together with Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Killer Spray and Formula 'P' Powder or see our cluster fly control kits. (ONLY £2.66 PER SMOKE BOMB WHEN ORDERING MULTIPLE PACKS).
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Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L (Free Gloves)

Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L (Free Gloves)

Pest Expert Formula 'C' is a highly effective cluster fly killer spray with a fast knockdown and a long-lasting residual effect helping maintain cluster fly control. Ideal for the elimination of cluster fly infestations in lofts and other areas. Can also be applied to alighting surfaces including windows and window frames. Supplied with free safety mask and gloves. (ONLY £7.49 WHEN ORDERING MULTIPLES!).
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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Killer Powder

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Killer Powder

Formula ‘P’ Cluster Fly Killer is a powerful permethrin powder specifically developed to have a rapid knockdown effect on cluster fly infestations. Designed for direct application to window frames, roof timbers and any other alighting surfaces, killing cluster flies on contact and for several weeks after application.
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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca-Somerset-5 Stars

Living in a barn conversion, we had just accepted the flies as the downside of living in the countryside. Pest Expert told us that there is a way to manage them.

Winnie-West Midlands-5 Stars

The fly infestation was really getting me down and I felt very embarrassed when people came to stay. The problem seems to have been solved after one application of each product.

Mohammed-Middlesex-5 Stars

Very effective. Thank you

Shannon-Bath-5 Stars

I have already recommended this treatment to everyone I know suffering with flies. I can't believe how much of a difference these products have made in only a few days.

Fiona-Blackstone Edge-5 Stars

Top company with competitive prices

Joyce-Scarborough-5 Stars

We have suffered from these little pests for year. Finally an affordable solution!

Sharon-Yeovil-5 Stars

Extremely fast delivery - brilliant service.

Mr Richard Ridley-Heathfield-5 Stars

Purchased a cluster fly eradication set from Cluster flies. it arrived on the day promised and the smoke bombs killed hundreds of flies as well as wasps that had invaded a room above our garage. Will continue to use the powder, smoke bombs and spray until the flies are gone.

Lorraine-London-5 Stars

For the last 5 years i have been trying to get rid of cluster flies in my loft and hopefully this has done the trick! The equipment was easy to use, as easy to follow instructions are provided. I couldn't smell the insecticide in the rest of the house.The company provided an excellent service- very fast and efficient delivery of product.I wish I had discovered this company years ago.

Vivien-Lostwithiel-4 Stars

really good service, had a small problem, communication was good and the problem addressed quickly. product very efficient, will use again.

Mrs Sandra Pierce-St Asaph-5 Stars

Top Shop, One stop Shop for Cluster Critters and a super service!

The site was easy to use, customer friendly, good products and excellent choice, you dont need to go anywhere else regarding your cluster fly issues. Great service, prompt delivery and I would definitely use again.

Steven Phillips-Launceston-5 Stars

A very good service provided. Easy to use website and delivered very quickly

Russ Orchard-Waltham Abbey-5 Stars

The service was first class, the product performed exactly as advertised. My son's loft and flat were clear of these pests with hours of the treatment.

Dave Pryor-Longham-5 Stars

Would certainly use this company again as they provided a next day delivery service and excellent communication throughout. Brilliant.

Will-Ellesmere-5 Stars

Very helpfull staff on the phone. Products work very well - all flies dead.

Richard-Rotherfield-5 Stars

No more flying things! I am recommending Clusterflies as a product that does what it states on the packaging. We have been suffering with the fly problem since moving here 11 years ago and one trial with tis product has done what others could not do give us a clean empty loft!

Jamie-Darlington-5 Stars

Ordered a product which arrived having leaked in the packaging. After speaking with the company and establishing the problem I am to have the purchase price refunded and have received an enhanced product replacement in lieu. Very good customer service. Thank you.

Mrs Joy Hawthorne-Alcester (Warwickshire)-5 Stars

I have a problem with clusterflies in my horsebox (of all places!) if it is left unused for a couple of weeks, the little blighters move in. Found lots of goodies on the website to keep them at bay! Very quick delivery too :)

Ian Sutton-Warrington-5 Stars

Told me and sold me what I needed to do the job

Read the info on the problem and identified the products that would provide me with the solution on the Clusterflies website, the order arrived the next day and I started the elimination of the problem the same day. Thanks for the speedy response.

Lorraine-Gosport (Hampshire)-5 Stars

Does wjat it says. No more cluster flies.

first response

Vivienne-Willaston-5 Stars


We used two of the smoke bombs in the loft following package instructions and delighted with the result, Most of the flies were dealt with and a third bomb finished the job. My husband then used the powder and spray as directed for the odd one or two strays, and guess what? No more cluster flies. ITS MAGIC

Egan Pendlebury-Beaworthy (Devon)-5 Stars

Fast, efficient service. Delivery extremely prompt. Would certainly use again.

Excellent product

Jackie-Charroux (France)-5 Stars

Quick despatch, excellent communications and product works really well; service was excellent

Excellent service

David Glandfield-Axbridge-5 Stars

No flies on this company!

Excellent service and delivery plus, when I needed to telephone the Help Line, the guy I spoke to was really helpful and answered all my questions making the whole experience a pleasure.

Gordon-Monkton-5 Stars

Fast service and does what it says on the tin.

I was impressed with the description of the cluster fly issue on the web site and the simple to use instructions. We had the job done on the day we received the kit - very easy!

Kenneth-Hakwinge (Kent)-5 Stars

Excellent and prompt service. Kept me informed all the way!

Excellent service

D Terjung-Stainton by Langworth-5 Stars

Got it order, delivered with 24 hours, applied twice the smoke bombs and all flies disappeared. Good service, good product: what else does one want?

Andrew-Tolton-5 Stars

thank you very much

George-Maldon-5 Stars

Kit arrived within 24 hours, very comprehensive.

James-Beccles-5 Stars

very good product will use again

john wild 2-Haughton (Staffs)-5 Stars

Excellent service and product. From order to delivery to France, it took two days. Used one of the bombs and immediate success. No more flies.

Good Product

Eileen-Saint Saud Lacoussie (Dordogne - France)-5 Stars

Easy transaction, fast delivery, thank you

So far so good!

Tim-East Boldre-5 Stars

Great, website told me everything i wanted to know, ordered products, arrived next day, problem dealt with. thank you.

Ralph-Sudbury-5 Stars

having used the smoke bombs in accordance with the instructions, this seemed to have killed off the Flies for the present. I have used the spray and powder, and checking the area regulary for further infestations, if they do return I shall be ording further products as I felt the ones I purchased resolved the problem.

Glyn-Coventry-5 Stars

Our clusterfly problem was resolved very quickly after using one of the foggers in the loft. I had to hold down the spray until it was empty, which was not what the instructions said,but it certainly worked a treat

Eradicating my clusterfly problem

Felicity-Bromyard-5 Stars

Flies now all dead

Nigel-Kidderminster-5 Stars

Discovered loads of flies in our loft and after researching on the internet decided on the Cluster flies treatment. The product arrived promptly the next day, we fogged the loft and 3 hours later all the flies were dead. We ordered the spray and powder to keep them at bay and a week later only discovered around half a dozen more flies, also now dead. There has been no more apparent presence of flies since.The masks and gloves which come with the treatment are also good quality

Fast and good service

Kathleen-Preston-5 Stars

Super fast delivery. Smoke bombs worked a treat. Hundreds of dead flies in one hit. I will be back.

brill product

Stephen-Widnes (Cheshire)-5 Stars

Fast delivery , Good product

Excellent products, 'did what they said' on the website.

Prunella-Woodbridge (Suffolk)-5 Stars

I recommend the products and service a company you can trust.

Fantastic product

Allyson-Carmarthen (Wales)-5 Stars

Comprehensive communication throughout via e-mail and text. Prompt delivery. I had a query and owner rang me within the hour and resolved the matter fully, he clearly puts customer satisfaction at the top of his list.

Kills clusterflies - DEAD!

Mark Wilson-Henfield (West Sussex)-5 Stars

Ordered one day and arrived the next. We had experienced problems with flies in our loft space above our bedroom for some years. My wife trawled the internet and found we were suffering from cluster fly infestation. On several previous occasions we had returned from holiday to a bedroom full of live, dead and decomposing flies everywhere, necessitating a clean-up before we could even go to bed. With another holiday coming up we couldn't face a repeat incident and found Clusterflies, we decided to order a pack. We smoke bombed and sprayed the loft space, and when we returned home - no flies at all in the bedroom, Oh Joy! Would definitely re-order if necessary and have enough for repeat treatments later in the year.

Cluster Flies watch out!

Roger Haines-Daventry-5 Stars

User friendly website, immediate response, full tracking via email, notified before delivery, excellent products. Overall very happy

No flies on me!

Fiona Harle-Wirral-5 Stars

Great product. 100 percent successfully!

It works!!!

Louise-Huddersfield-5 Stars

I have been plagued with cluster flies for about 8 years and have had the loft treated twice yearly to break the breeding, your product seems to have scared off any sign of cluster flies on the top floor of my house! Phew!

Excellent service and great products

Effective products, delivered super fast

Graham-Worcester-5 Stars

It does what it says on the tin. We live in an old house and for several years have been plagued by cluster flies, horrible thing, came in through where ever and we would find them in the windows. We saw your advert on the internet and last year was the first year we have not had flies in doors. We spay in the lofts winter and then just before spring and it works. We will see what happens this year, but hopefully after spraying we will see only a few, hopefully we will see none. Brilliant products, thank you.

Did just what it said!

-Wotton Under Edge (South Gloucestershire)-5 Stars

Very pleased with the overall service from communication to delivery time. First application showed excellent results, haven!t had time yet to judge long term results but it looks promising. Thank you

Cluster fly Control Kit (with smoke bombs],does what it says on the tin !.Very good,a quality product..

KEITh-Gestingthorpe (Essex)-5 Stars

Having had issues with cluster flies each year, I decided to invest in a pest control kit for the first time. Clusterflies site was straightforward. I had a few questions so I rang and received fast and useful advice. The order arrived promptly and so far the process has been very easy. The proof will come when things heat up in Spring, but so far I'm pleased with every part of the product and service.

Rapid delivery, excellent product.

Mary Jane-Bristol-5 Stars

The fog spray had to be in the loft, after I used it there was a smell in the housr for a couple of days and many more flies from the loft invaded the house. But after 3 days or so it's quiet now with no flies around.

zillion annoying flies dead at long last

Kelly-Doncaster-5 Stars

The product was easy to find, economical, and I was was kept informed every step of the delivery process, which was very quick. I had a query which was handled really well by a friendly member of staff. Very pleased overall.

Bye Bye Flies

Jamie-Durham-5 Stars

Cluster Fly Products. Great value, products and service. I purchased a kit for removing cluster flies from an attic space. 1 smoke bomb proved extremely effective.

Mrs. Joy Hawthorne-Alcester-5 Stars

Persistent cluster flies.

Was at my wits end and have spent a fortune on various methods to rid my attic of cluster flies. Used the smoke bombs followed by spray and powder. After one use they have diminished by 95 per cent. Will use another smoke bomb soon to get rid if the rest hopefully. Delighted.

Lorraine-Gosport-5 Stars

Very happy with the service and the product. Would recommend them every time.

John Cooper-Bristol-5 Stars

NO FLIES ON ME!!! Completely wiped out all cluster flies from loft. First class company and products, goods delivered next day.... Can't ask for more!

Mr A Yeardley-York-5 Stars

I'm a repeat customer here and a happy one at that. First time I bought the smoke bombs on there own for cluster flies in our loft, then more recently bought this kit as it also contains the Formula C Spray... Very good for sash windows and frames where the blighters had been coming through. Excellent company and products.

Richard S-East Sussex-5 Stars

No more flying things! I am recommending this Cluster Fly Kit as a product that does what it states on the packaging. We have been suffering with a cluster fly problem since moving here 11 years ago and one trial with these products has done what others could not do - give us a clean empty loft!