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Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L (Free Gloves)

Our Price: £8.29 excl. VAT
Our Price: £9.95 incl. VAT

Pest Expert Formula 'C+' is a highly effective cluster fly killer spray with an excellent knockdown. The active ingredient, cypermethrin (0.1% w/w), is a professional-strength insecticide that gives Formula 'C' its fast-acting formulation and long-lasting effect.

Ideal for the elimination of cluster flies in lofts, roof spaces and other areas, Formula 'C' kills cluster flies on contact and leaves an invisible residue which remains effective for up to 3-4 weeks, helping maintain cluster fly control.

Formula 'C' can be applied to roof timbers and other alighting surfaces, including windows and window frames. Water-based and low odour, it is perfectly safe for use in homes with children and/or pets as long as packaging guidelines are adhered to.

Formula 'C' is a broad spectrum insecticidal surface spray, which can also be used for the control of many other insect pests including moths, ants, cockroaches, and fleas.

A one litre trigger spray will treat approx 20 square metres. For larger areas or mutiple treatments several litres will be required.

Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L
Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L
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Customer Reviews

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Nathaniel-Dorchester-5 Stars

VERY effective & fast delivery. Very impressed.

Helena-Grantham-5 Stars

I was completely unsure of what products to order as I didn't know how bad our infestation was. The advice team where very helpful and advised that as I had only seen a few, this spray would be sufficient. As the spray lasts for 12 weeks I shouldn't see any more now until the Autumn. Will be returning...

Patrick-Blackburn-5 Stars

I used the foggers first when treating the flies as there must have been hundreds in the loft. After this I sprayed this product on the beams where they seemed to be congregating and fingers crossed I have had no more trouble!

Karen-Widnes-5 Stars

Very happy with the speed of the delivery service. Excellent from start to finish with notifications at every stage. Thank you!

Jill-Crewe-5 Stars

We are quite rural so we were aware of the long-term issue. This works well at managing small quantities that gather around the windows.

Timothy-East Sussex-5 Stars

A HUGE thank you!! We recently moved into a large oast house that was infested with cluster flies. After using products recommended by we cleared all of our cluster fly problems. This took one day and we have been cluster fly free for 3wks. Very happy with the service overall on top of the product effectiveness.

Glyn-Burford-5 Stars

Products arrived promptly after order, with updates via email of dispatch and delivery estimates. Came with full instructions, gloves and face mask (one set of each per product). It's early days yet but we've seen no more clusterflies since treating our loft. Result!

Carob-Southampton-5 Stars

After ordering products, they arrived quickly and am delighted. Called pest control in previously, and, OK they eliminated a plague but not all, so have used your products and hey ho, they've gone! I might add at a quarter of the price. I live with trees and fields around my property so am expecting this "misery" to re-occur at some stage but now know I can obtain a cure!! Thank you for fast, efficient service.

Will-Rotherfield-5 Stars

good product, delivered promptly. The flies are now all dead and I will re-order when they return next year!

Mike-Malven-5 Stars

Order dealt with very promptly and products delivered on time - good value and would definitely recommend.

Bernard-Stotfold-5 Stars

Clusterfly nemesis

The order arrived promptly. I decided to use the powder first and keep the bombs until the incoming quantity of flies dropped to half a dozen a day. Our four-storey Grade 11 listed home has new wooden windows that are not double glazed and flies appear to be able to squeeze through minimal cracks. With a narrow paint brush I brushed the powder into every crack and crevice. The flies mainly died on the window sill and the one or two flying were brought down with the spray bottle. The fourth floor has a cedar planked ceiling and could retain hibernating flies, this is when I will blank off the smoke alarms and unleash the bombs. I will repeat this in early Spring and hopefully no fly will leave the premises. This is the sixth year of cluster fly invasion and the first time we have waged war on them. A more detailed guide would be welcome but I am happy with the pack and the results we are seeing. Next September I will be ready for an invasion should there be survivors.

Andrew-Chorley-5 Stars

Efficient service. Product does what it says. No complaints

Prompt efficient service. No hesitation in recommending this company and its products.

Mr. Thompson-Rushton-5 Stars

Great service, prompt delivery, product works

Have ordered several times from this company and every time service has been great.

Mrs Anne George-Lidney (Gloucestershire)-5 Stars

Starts with a clear and detailed web site, informative and easy to navigate. Placed the order, good communication with order updates. Fast delivery. Well packed on arrival, clear instructions, included gloves and mask. That's as far as my review can go, not yet used the product as its for our house in France. See no reason to doubt the product reviews I read before placing the order.

Excellent service

Peter Cheape-Bournemouth-5 Stars

Well packed, quick delivery.

Lets hope they do what it says on the tins and if these products eliminate the flies then six stars.

Nicola-Ware-5 Stars

I have struggled for over 3 years with flies in my window frames. They were new wooden double glazed and the front windows were south facing and the design of the window frames allowed flies to hibernate as there was this gap, although air tight from the inside. On warm days from autumn to spring when the sun was beaming onto front of house, the windows and around the windows you could see these flies all come out from the windows. They made me feel the house was dirty. You couldn't open a window inside without them all coming in (and so many flies). It felt as if the house was dirty. After some research online (as no one I knew had the same problem) I found out they were cluster flies. So I located Formual C Cluster Fly Spray. Bought 2 bottles thinking as it was so bad I am going to have to do this every month or so just to keep on top of the problem. Well after one application on the windows just from the inside going around all the frames with the windows open the flies flew away or were killed. A few weeks later on the next cold sunny day I got ready to have another crack at it. No flies were in the frames. I sprayed the frames again to be on the safe side. This was back in late October and I am happy to say its February and no sign of any flies at all. So after one application the problem was solved.

David-Atherstone (Warwickshire)-5 Stars

The smoke bombs arrived the following day. I set them both off to treat a large attic bedroom and two adjoining attics - both windows were always full of flies and one of the attics was a mass of buzzing flies which congregated in the bathroom lights below to die. I was a bit worried that they hadn't been lit properly as there was a lot of waxy residue left in the bombs after use, but no worries, havn't seen a single fly since. Can't believe we have finally got rid of them. Will certainly order the bombs again next year if they return.

No more cluster flies (hopefully!!!)

Martin Kay-Wigan-5 Stars

I haven't yet seen the result of the products I bought but the service was very good and I found everyone one extremely helpful.

cluster fly spray does the job

Julia-Helford (Cornwall)-5 Stars

THINGS were getting a little active as the weather got warmer .... flies were around the window and I believe in the cavity wall ..... one smoker in the limited roof space and powder around the said window has delivered calm. This will be a process to repeat should they start to return. THANK YOU!

Very good service.

John-Penzance-5 Stars

Arrived promptly and did the job. Thanks

Helen Williams-Conwy-5 Stars

have 2 large Velux windows in our attic which we never open as the flies just pour in. Used the spray and whilst we had to vacum up a few dead bodies it has done the trick - thanks

David-Metheringham-5 Stars

We had a real problem with flies in some of our upstairs rooms. The website of Clusterflies helped us to identify the problem and provided the answer too at a sensible price. Ordering and delivery was simple and quick, and the product was very efficient. After six months I was impressed to receive a timely reminder that further treatment might be due.

Gail-Stoke-on-Trent-5 Stars

Goods received very quickly and well parcelled. Used sprays (in caravan cavity) and only saw a few flies during the nexy few days. Used a second time and nothing seen since. Very Very Pleased Thank You

Kate Cooper-London-5 Stars

Checking on the Internet for info about the fly problem we suddenly had in our new house, I came across and am so very glad I did! Not only is their website easy to use and full of no-nonsense info & advice, but their products are brilliantly effective too. I placed my order mid-afternoon and the products arrived by lunchtime the very next day! I was most impressed with the communication - emails to tell me my order was accepted, & despatched and delivery information so that I could track the order too. My fly problem has now been sorted and I am a very happy customer!

Fast, efficient service

JanMac-Chelmsford (Essex)-5 Stars

Having been blighted with these Loft/Cluster flies each Autumn, this year we had an infestation literally hundreds. I ordered the full kit, after one Fogger this killed them, we then filled in any gaps also put fine mesh over the air vents which are on the fascia board, also the air bricks inside, hopefully this will stop re- entry. The spray will then be put on all the entry points and hopefully we will have no further problems. Thank you for prompt efficient service & excellent product.

Rapid despatch, great communication - effective products

Derek-Merriott (Somerset)-5 Stars

Straight forward, informative website, prompt delivery and helpful staff.

i have recommend you company to some one already

Sheila-Ilkley-5 Stars

My order arrived in good time and in good order. Excellent service.

Excellent service. Excellent product.

Bob Tyrrell-Bath-5 Stars

Great, prompt delivery, very good product keeps flies out of the conservatory and the house. I would use this company again. Thanks

Does what it says on the tin

Carol-Horkstow-5 Stars

the bomb worked the first time and we are fly free in our loft. great stuff.

Cluster buster

Noah Ewart Newman Arron-Bristol-5 Stars

Great products, great service

Totally recommended.