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Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Cluster Fly Fogger *NEW XL SIZE!*

Our Price: £10.79 excl. VAT
Our Price: £12.95 incl. VAT

The new XL Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Cluster Fly Fogger is a super-size fumigation device ideal for eradicating cluster fly infestations in larger lofts and open-plan living spaces. Each 530ml canister is capable of treating in excess of 300 cubic metres for flies, it can also be used in smaller areas to carry out a highly potent and more intensive treatment.

The Power Fogger aerosol has a simple push-down trigger, releasing an insecticidal gas over a period of 5 minutes to flush out all cluster fliesUnlike smoke bombs, Power Foggers do not need to be lit, eliminating any potential fire hazard. In addition, because the active insecticide is 100% natural pyrethrins, these Foggers offer a completely safe yet highly effective cluster fly treatment.

Please note that as Foggers do not leave any residue, to achieve complete eradication and maintain cluster fly control, they are best used in conjunction with other cluster fly killer products that provide a longer-lasting protection, such as Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Killer Spray and Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder.

XL Cluster Fly Power Fogger
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Cluster Fly Treatment Kit (with Foggers)

Cluster Fly Treatment Kit (with Foggers)

Our Cluster Fly Treatment Kits contain a range of cluster fly killer products to enable you to get rid of cluster flies in your home or loft and prevent future cluster fly infestations. This kit is supplied with Pest Expert Formula 'P' Foggers rather than smoke bombs.
Price: £37.46 excl. VAT
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Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Cluster Fly Fogger

Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Cluster Fly Fogger

The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Fogger is a fumigation device which kills cluster flies fast. The Fogger works in the same way as a traditional smoke bomb but treats a larger area and offers a safer alternative as it requires no naked flame. (ONLY £5.79 EACH WHEN ORDERING MULTIPLES).
Price: £7.46 excl. VAT
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Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L

Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L

Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced Cluster Fly Killer Spray is the newly developed formulation of our top selling ready-to-use insecticide. The triple action insecticide provides long lasting management of cluster flies for up to 12 weeks. Formula C+ Advanced is the ultimate insecticide for users looking for fast and effective cluster fly control. Its unique combination of powerful actives makes it the most powerful residual insecticide available on the amateur market. One 1L bottle will treat up to 50 square metres.
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Customer Reviews

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Holly-Middlesex-5 Stars

Not only do they work for flies, I later found out that there was a wasps nest up in my loft! This fogger has actually dealt with 2 problems as all wasps and flies were dead on the floor when I checked it!

Chris-London-5 Stars

I have been using these for years. Already recommended them to all of my neighbours and friends dealing with the same problem!

Katie-Newcastle-5 Stars

It's the first year we have had flies in our house. After learning that it was the end of the season and they would most likely be outdoors, I thought one last round of fumigation would at least kill what is up there. It's done a good job and I have another one waiting for when they look for somewhere to hibernate.

Dustin-Derby-5 Stars

Very professional and prompt service can’t recommend enough. Products easy to use and more importantly really work well. 5*

Dustin-Derby-5 Stars

Very professional and prompt service can’t recommend enough. Products easy to use and more importantly really work well. 5*

Mike-Bristol-5 Stars

Set the bomb off and the flies dropped like rain! But will have to have another go as they are coming back. Think its the warm weather. Very good service, the bundle of goods came by return of post.

Bill-Woolley-5 Stars

Great service with regular updates that stop you being concerned

Your email updates are very reassuring. Thank you.

Anthony Phillips-Uttoxeter-5 Stars

Did what it said it would

Product was easy & clean to use and got rid of the flies. Service was quick and efficient. Would recomend

Susan-Llamdrindod Wells (Powys)-5 Stars

Order sent and fulfilled the next day. Excellent information on status of order and delivery. Product worked too! Well done. If only all firms were as efficient.

Excellent, super speedy service

Mr Harrop-Rhosesmor (Flinthshore)-5 Stars

Starts with a clear and detailed web site, informative and easy to navigate. Placed the order, good communication with order updates. Fast delivery. Well packed on arrival, clear instructions, included gloves and mask. That's as far as my review can go, not yet used the product as its for our house in France. See no reason to doubt the product reviews I read before placing the order.

Neil Harrison-St. Helens-5 Stars

Ordered, despatched and received within 24 hours.Can't ask for better than that.

Daniel Gowan-Hook (Hampshire)-5 Stars

Can't fault the service we've received. Am yet to use the product (weather not cold enough yet) but ordering and delivery were very streamlined. Next day delivery, well packed and goods in perfect condition. If the stuff works to deal with these annoying flies, I'll be even more delighted as last year we paid a great deal more for treatment by a pest control firm

Good service, prompt delivery and effective product

PP-Banbury (Oxfordshire)-5 Stars

Received my spray last week and took it to my caravan where we have been plagued by flies, hundreds of them dead waiting for us whenever we get to it. There were a few flies still active when we got there so we sprayed the spray onto some surfaces and went out for the afternoon. On our return all flies were dead so it obviously works well. all we can do now is see if spraying it around our vents will prevent them getting in in the first place and save us the unpleasant task of finding all of the dead one and hoovering them up.

cluster fly treatment pack

Richard-Bury St Edmund-5 Stars

Quick and easy to use products with brilliant results.


Cheryl-New Bolingbroke (Lincs)-5 Stars

Fast delivery, product easy to use and did exactly what it said it would.

Cluster fly killers

Karen Bengough-Torfaen (Wales)-5 Stars

Not used product or company before - very impressed with the quick delivery and must have killed 1000's of cluster flies on my first go and not a fly to be seen now. Will keep checking to see if they return - but have 3 remaining cans available so maybe another go in the spring to ensure none return :)

Bye Bye Cluster Fly!!

Hannah-Huddersfield-5 Stars

I have yet to use the product, but expect it to function as described in the useful information provided on the website. Delivery was prompt and efficient and I was informed at every step of the process. Can't complain and would buy from them again.


John Russell-Callington (Cornwall)-5 Stars

Only used spray so far - worked very well, all flies gone!!

First class

Mr Spicer-Denbigh-5 Stars

Ordering was straight forward. Delivery was on time. Product worked. Excellent all round.

Great customer service

Val4-Bridgnorth (Shropshire)-5 Stars

i recently moved into a property where the loft was full of flies who emerged everytime i put the light on ! i made some investigations via google to be told that these were cluster flies and required professional treatment.i duly purchased the pack containing the fog aerosols and follow up spray treatment. last saturday we used 2 aerosols which are so easy to use, you just press the release button and leave them to disperse the gas. we shut the loft door and left them for 2 hours. on returning it was amazing not a single live fly left ! i really didnt realise how many there were until we saw them all on the loft floor. What an excellent product ! thank you !


Debra-Solihull-4 Stars

Bought the smoke bomb, powder and spray as a kit for a problem we were having in our static caravan, whereby the pesky blighters were entering the ventilation ducts and getting in to the van in their hundreds. There were dead flies over everything and also scores of live ones. Used the kit to smoke the inside and scattered powder down ventilation ducts from the roof and sprayed everywhere we thought they could enter the van. After the recommended minimum two hours we re-entered the van to find every fly had been laid to rest. Highly recommended products. Have had no further problems. The only slight niggle is that there is no information on the smoke bombs on how long they last, or if you light them whilst still in the container. They don't appear to do much at first and only last a few seconds so we ended up using four instead of two. Be patient, the smoke takes a while to show in the rooms.

Daniel Gowan-Hampshire-5 Stars

I have used these products for a couple of years and they have greatly reduced our cluster fly problems. The products (I use the large mister aerosols) are very effective. Ordering them is simple and delivery is prompt.