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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Killer Powder

Our Price: £4.15 excl. VAT
Our Price: £4.98 incl. VAT

Formula ‘P’ Cluster Fly Killer is a highly effective insecticidal powder containing the powerful active ingredient permethrin (0.5% ww), specifically developed to have a rapid knockdown effect on cluster fly infestations.

Formula ‘P’ is designed for direct application to window frames, roof timbers and any other alighting surfaces, killing cluster flies on contact and for several weeks after application. To deter further flies from coming in, apply powder liberally around any possible entry points will also deter further flies from coming in.points of entry.

The powder is suitable for use in areas spray cannot be used; for example, in close proximity to any electrical goods or power sockets. The easy-to-use puffer pack enables an even coverage of affected areas, making it ideal for amateur use.

For complete eradication of cluster flies in your home of loft, we recommend that Formula ‘P’ Cluster Fly Powder is used in conjunction with a fumigation device such as a
Formula 'P' Fogger or Smoke Bombs, which will kill all flies present at time of activation. In addition applying Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Spray can prolong the residual effect for up to 12 weeks.

We highly recommend our
Cluster Fly Kits, as these contain a combination of all our cluster fly killer products now including the Formula 'P' Powder, and offer excellent value for money, with the added benefit of being supplied with a step-by-step guide on how to carry out a comprehensive cluster fly treatment.

This container holds 300g powder - double the quantity of the Rentokil Insectrol!


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Cluster Fly Treatment Kit (with Smoke Bombs)

Cluster Fly Treatment Kit (with Smoke Bombs)

Our Cluster Fly Treatment Kits contain a range of cluster fly treatment products to enable you to get rid of cluster flies in your home or loft and prevent future cluster fly infestations. This kit is supplied with Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumer smoke bombs.
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Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Cluster Fly Fogger

Pest Expert Formula 'P+' Cluster Fly Fogger

The Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Fogger is a fumigation device which kills cluster flies fast. The Fogger works in the same way as a traditional smoke bomb but treats a larger area and offers a safer alternative as it requires no naked flame. (ONLY £5.79 EACH WHEN ORDERING MULTIPLES).
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Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L

Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Cluster Fly Killer Spray 1L

Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced Cluster Fly Killer Spray is the newly developed formulation of our top selling ready-to-use insecticide. The triple action insecticide provides long lasting management of cluster flies for up to 12 weeks. Formula C+ Advanced is the ultimate insecticide for users looking for fast and effective cluster fly control. Its unique combination of powerful actives makes it the most powerful residual insecticide available on the amateur market. One 1L bottle will treat up to 50 square metres.
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Customer Reviews

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Tiola-Mablethorpe-5 Stars

5*. Fast delivery nd excellent products

Susan-Edinburgh-5 Stars

Honestly from start to finish, the process has been a breeze because of the information provided by this company and the fast delivery service offered. I am based in Scotland and really didn't expect the delivery to be next day but it did come and the powder has instructions on the bottle. I know that whenever a fly lands on the powder, it will soon be dead!

Julia-Winchester-5 Stars

Many many thanks for the service. Will use again if I need to

Harriet-Gloucester-5 Stars

10/10. I was a little overwhelmed when looking at all of the different products but the advice line assisted and gave very clear and helpful advice which has worked a treat

Robert-Essex-5 Stars

Can't believe how effective this product is. I only applied this a few days ago and since then we have seen no flies in the main part of the house. Many thanks to this company for making a stressful situation easier.

Vanessa-Oxford-5 Stars

Cheap and fast-acting alternative to constant fumigation. I have paid a fortune for different pest control companies to fumigate the area but it never lasts.

Felix-Suffolk-5 Stars

Brilliant product for sprinkling on the beams in a loft. I've been told it stays effective for 10 weeks too!

John-Eastbourne-5 Stars

Provided fast knock-down of all flies in the loft. Very happy customer

Patrick-Cannock-5 Stars

Concorde delivery from USA to UK

Thank you for processing my order swiftly. It was delivered nearly as fast as our local parcels! I wont be using the lawn insecticide just yet as I bought it to combat some cluster flies that I believe are in the lawn around our holiday caravan. Best used early spring I'm told. Funny though that the only items I found were from America. I wonder if THEY don't like us using it here. Thank you once again for a swift despatch. Patrick Morgan

Carol-Ely-5 Stars

haven't had a chance to use the product yet but very pleased with how quick it came after ordering.

Ineke-Bromsgrove (Worcs)-5 Stars

Delivery was next day - as promised. I had to have the parcel delivered to a neighbour as I wasn't at home and we both received texts giving us a delivery slot - which was spot on. Well done! I certainly recommend this firm. Clusterflies all gone for now. I'll just have to wait and see if they return.

Efficient delivery.

Sarah Commins-Northampton-5 Stars

The Pest Expert P+ XL fogger deals with our cluster fly problem. Each Sept/Oct we get an infestation (hundreds) of cluster flies in our loft. Its a 5 bedroom house so a large loft. One XL size fogger gets 'em all. I put the lights on to attract them to the middle of the loft, set off a fogger then go up the next day with the hoover. I think the product could be a little cheaper (particularly when buying in bulk as I have just done), but don't quibble because it does exactly what it says on the tin!

faultless service in its entirety