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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

Our Price: £5.79 excl. VAT
Our Price: £6.95 incl. VAT

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs are a highly effective cluster fly killing fumigation device, ideal for flushing out cluster fly infestations from lofts and roof spaces.  

Each Fumer contains the active ingredient permethrin (13.25% w/w) which, once lit, is released as an insecticidal smoke that will treat and fumigate an area of approx 120 cubic metres.

Please note: While Formula 'P' Fumers are an excellent tool for killing off and flushing out a cluster fly infestation, as with any kind of smoke bomb, they do not leave any residue after the smoke has dispersed. In order to further aid cluster fly control, it may be beneficial to use together with products that provide some residual value such as Pest Expert Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Killer Spray and Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder. For better value for money, please see our Cluster Fly Control Kits.

Only £2.66 per smoke bomb when ordering 10 or more twinpacks. 

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs (Twinpack)
Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £5.79
2 5 £5.70
6 9 £5.65
10 £5.32
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Customer Reviews

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Frank-Nottingham-5 Stars

Worked a treat in my loft. For lofts in houses of 4 bedrooms I recommend using both of them at once to make sure there is enough chemical

Rosie-Ludlow-5 Stars

It is the first time I have used the smoke bombs and they have given such a good result. 5*

Shannon-Great Yarmouth-5 Stars

I can't believe how quickly they worked. We have had trouble all winter with these flies and within a couple of hours they'd all been killed. I will always keep some of these on hand in case of future infestations

Riley-Surrey-5 Stars

Good products at a great price

Julie-Leamington Spa-5 Stars

My order was completed quickly and efficiently and the products have gotten rid of the flies for now!

Gary Tunley-Kings Lynn-5 Stars

Unbelievable. My loft which is 144 sq mtr was literally crawling with flies, by the million. I did 4 large bombs, 4 small bombs, and it killed every fly in sight. It also disturbed a hornets nest which brought them out and killed them too. I also bought some spray and powder to prevent them returning. I've got some foggers which I will do in the Autumn.

JOHN-Newark-5 Stars

A really fast, efficient service also good on communication.

Simon-Reading-5 Stars

Followed instructions and product worked as guaranteed.

Alan-Thorney-5 Stars

After nearly a year of flies. 3 nicely spaced smoke bombs in our large attic and not a fly in site. Can't recommend them enough. Many thanks

Lizzie-Market Harborough-5 Stars

I have used this company twice now and will def use again. Quick delivery and helpful website. Will def use again in the future, happy customer :-)

Paul-Harwich-5 Stars

hi I was very impressed with the product , couldnt belive how well it worked,i would strongly recomend this clusterflies product , and would use it again boom boom

Martyn Curtler-Wimborne-5 Stars

Throughout the winter a small group of volunteers carry out a deep clean of Heritage Railway carriages at Swanage Railway. In the past we have tried to control an infestation of cluster flies using fly spray with little or no effect, this year with the insecticidal smoke bombs---only very dead flies to vacuum up.

Stephen Hoare-Aylesbury-5 Stars

Clusterflies, I knew nothing about them until they started appearing in the house I recently moved in to. I needed to learn more and find a solution to my problem. website was informative, easy to order what I needed and at reasonable prices. The order status email alerts were a pleasant surprise considering the value of my purchase. My experience was great and it would appear the products are great too.

Mr R. Allsworth-Bognor Regis-5 Stars

FLIES NO MORE. Ordering easy , delivery next day, the product cleared my loft of flies within 24 hrs... excellent

Mr M Hession-Hereford-5 Stars

product worked very effectively.

Maureen-Buxton-5 Stars

Cluster flies, Cluster dies. Excellent service,very prompt delivery. This product got rid of all our flies in one go. Fantastic.

Susie-Cranleigh-5 Stars

Really good result. The product arrived the next day and proved very successful.

Ann-York-5 Stars

The product certainly delivers what it promises and the speed of delivery was brilliant. Will be re-ordering if the little perishers put in an appearance next year. Many thanks.

Noah Ewart Newman Arron-Bristol-5 Stars

Was at my wits end and have spent a fortune on various methods to rid my attick of cluster flies. Used the smoke bombs followed by spray and powder. After one use they have diminished by 95 per cent. Will use another smoke bomb soon to get the rest hopefully. Delighted Great products, great service

Richard-Stoke On Trent-5 Stars

no match for these guys stuff. We had clusterflies in the loft and have been pestered with them all summer. Nothing would kill them. I got some spray and a few fogger cans. I set the foggers off in the loft and after a day or so the insulation material was covered in dead flies. Give it a try!

No More Flies

Kay L-Chippenham-5 Stars

Very quick delivery & good product

Would highly recommend this company. Quick delivery & good product A*****

Mr. O'Connor-St. Brickhill-5 Stars

Does what it says!

Easy to use and cheaper than getting in the pest controllers!

Judith-Chester-5 Stars

There's no flies on them!!!

Perfect and efficient services. No hesitation in buying from them again.

Pammie-Attleborough (Norfolk)-5 Stars

We have spent years hoovering up flies and being creative with ways of killing them. One use of this product and I have seen a fly in days....its immediate. Cannot thank Clusterflies enough its made an attic bedroom a haven once more.


Kenneth-Winslow-5 Stars

Sweet revenge

Great product works a treat!

Pauline-Rotherham-5 Stars

Perfect service

The goods do what they are supposed to. The ordering is simple and delivery quick. Have ordered several times and recommended to friends who have also bought products

Bryan-Mortimer-5 Stars

This product is excellent. It started killing flies straight away. It was quite scary when flies came out. But I can truely state I'm impressed.

Yvonne-Newborough-5 Stars

Very quick & efficient service, I have yet to use the product but all reviews are extremely good, which is why I placed an order.

Mrs M-Radstock (Somerset)-5 Stars

Arrived before the stated delivery date well packaged. One spray has killed all the flies and as yet no return.

Great service and effective product.

Michael-Crockham Hill-5 Stars

Still coming back as explained ,but numbers getting less and less, just keep going and I will beat them.

Darren-Melton Constable-5 Stars

delivered really quickly, did the job heres hoping dont come back

Trish-Ipswich-5 Stars

I bought some products to rid the loft of clusterflies. The order was delivered ver quickly; the products use do the job efficiently, and at a much smaller cost to me than calling for a professional.

Lorna-Hazel Grove-5 Stars

Arrived very promptly, as quickly as the flies went away!!!

Dave A-Barnmouth-5 Stars

ordered on line and worked is time

Ms Lisa Powell-Kings Lynn-5 Stars

We were very pleased with the product. It got rid of the flies immediately and no return so far. Couldn't ask for more than that!

Wow what a service"

Susan-Ousden-5 Stars

We have now purchased a number of the products sold for cluster flies. This year has been a particular problem with the warm Autumn and we suffered two infestations.On both occasions delivery was next day after order, appreciating that when you have these little devils you want to get them treated without delay!! The products were used in various parts of my home and office and were very effective and did what they said they would do on the can. Will deal again with this company.

Victoria-Guston (Kent)-5 Stars

Absolutely brilliant stuff, recommend it to anyone suffering from these horrible things, it arrived within a few days, let off one of the gas bombs immediately and it worked like it says on the tin 'whey hey ' have sprayed all the attic with the invisible film spray to hopefully keep them at bay. Now I can go up there anytime without having to worry about being attacked pure bliss.

Pamela Fay-Launceston (Cornwall)-5 Stars

I have used Clusterflies a number of times and have always been impressed with the speed of delivery. The products have worked well too.

clusterflies - GONE!

Karl-St Austell (Cornwall)-5 Stars

We have been plagued by cluster flies for the last seven years and despite the pest controllers putting fly killer bombs in the roof space, there were still millions of them in the attic and generally round the house. I sprayed all the windows and window frames with the pesticide and within 24 hours we are fly free!!! Just the odd dead ones on the window sills. I have recommended the products to a friend who has just moved into an old house, and has been experiencing similar problems

Very professional ,great sevice

Pauline-Bridgwater (Somerset)-5 Stars

as yet we are waiting to see if it keeps the flies awy.

brilliant service and product

Alison-Rutland (East Midland)-5 Stars

Great website very informative which provided the information I needed and more to make my decision to buy from them easy.

Fantastic product....worked really quickly, prompt delivery

Andrea-Melksham (Wiltshire)-5 Stars

Easy to use and clear instructions given

it works!!!

Jill-Shildon (Durham)-5 Stars

Very effective, but don't underestimate the power of these critters, you definitely need to carry out 2 treatments.

It came, we lit , they"ve gone!

Mrs M-Cheshire-5 Stars

The smoke bombs arrived the following day. I set them both off to treat a large attic bedroom and two adjoining attics - both windows were always full of flies and one of the attics was a mass of buzzing flies which congregated in the bathroom lights below to die.

Haven’t seen a single fly since. Can't believe we have finally got rid of them. Will certainly order the bombs again next year if they return.

Rachel Steel-France-5 Stars

Have had these bombs before and they did a great job at getting rid of our flies, so got some more in stock for this autumn too.

M Baker-Wirral-5 Stars

Excellent products....does what it says on the tin.....unlike products from B&Q.

Mr George Peterson-Devon-5 Stars

I've just bought another batch of these smoke bombs.... I say 'another batch' as I also bought them last year. Having had recurring cluster fly problems in my loft for the last 12 years, I can say that these are by far the best and most effective smoke bombs I've found online to date. Excellent product, highly recommended.

Alan Cunningham-Wiltshire-5 Stars

Excellent Product, informative website.... No more cluster flies!!


Within 2 hours of setting off the smoke bombs in my loft which contained literally 100's of cluster flies, every single one was dead!

Excellent product and first class service. Goods also delivered next day!

J T Davies